How Chandler Wields His Sardonic Sense of Humor as a Weapon to Sabotage Any Chance at Happiness


As part of their ongoing series of deconstructing the individual personalities of the characters on the now-classic sitcom series Friends, film and television analysis platform ScreenPrism took a look the very distinct personality of Chandler Bing and his unique ability to wield his sardonic humor in such a way as to hurt no one more than himself. Having no real family connections, Chandler relies on his friends to fill that void, but protects himself with jokes for fear of them getting too close to the pain he feels. It’s only when Chandler realizes that he’s in love with Monica that he begins to let himself off the hook and bask in the safety and happiness of their relationship.

He’s trying very hard not to deal with a lot of underlying problems in his family his love life his career and his self-esteem. So we’re happily surprised when falling in love with Monica, allows Chandler for the first time to open up commit to love and work out what he really wants to do in his life. …We come to love Chandler even more after 10 seasons than when we started because he learns to let go of his defense mechanisms and become an open and loving person

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