Winter Fog And Mist Assignment Winner Wayne Wilson

Photo By Wayne Wilson

Congratulations to Wayne Wilson for winning the recent Winter Fog And Mist Assignment with the image, Frozen Fog.

“A thin layer of fog hovered above a large patch of cattail on the shores of Lake Wyandotte, in the Sierra foothills, a few miles east of Oroville, California,” explains Wilson. “Just before sunrise, fog hovering over the lake dropped into the tules and immediately froze. This shot captures the transition just as the fog settled and froze. The frosty cattails lasted for about 30 minutes before the sun’s rays raised the temperature and melted the frost, creating another layer of fog.”

Nikon D7000, Nikon 10-24mm, Really Right Stuff TVC-33 tripod, BH-55 ballhead, Singh Ray, Galen Rowell ND-3G-HS filter.

To see more of Wayne Wilson’s photography, visit and follow him on Instagram.

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